As a collective of independent creative agencies, we are highly aware that our industry as a whole is under representative of certain communities. We also know that a diverse workforce is key to delivering the best quality of work. That is why we are working hard to ensure that not only are our teams diverse and that our workplace is inclusive, but that we are encouraging our industry as a whole to do better.

This page is a space for us to pledge our ongoing commitment to DE&I, to share our goals for the future and to showcase of our latest initiatives.

Our Goals

Following a survey of our teams about how they identify across a variety of areas, we chose to focus our first set of goals to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce, through racial diversity and educational background.

Each year, as we survey our teams, we will revisit our goals to ensure that we are improving in all areas, and not just those set out in our formal targets.

1. Our first goal is focused on improving racial diversity across the group. We believe it is important that our workforce is representative of the city in which we are situated, therefore our ultimate goal is to mirror the London population, of which 40% of people are from racially diverse backgrounds.

At the end of 2020, across our teams, 16% were from racially diverse backgrounds.

In 1 year, we would like to increase this number to 20%.

In 3 years, this would increase this to between 30 – 35%.

In 5 years’ time, 40% of our teams will be from racially diverse backgrounds.


2. To further this goal, we would like the same representation across roles at Director level and above. At the end of 2020, 20% of our 19 people at director level or above were from racially diverse backgrounds.

In 1 year, we will increase this number to 25%.

In 3 years, we will increase this to between 30 – 35%.

In 5 years, our senior team will mirror the 40% of whole staff from racially diverse backgrounds.


3. Our final goal is in relation to the educational background of our teams. At the end of 2020, just 8% of our workforce does not have at least a bachelor’s degree. We feel that this is a missed opportunity to tap into talent from different backgrounds that could offer us a different perspective and enrich our teams. 40% of the London professional workforce does not hold a degree. While we understand that some roles within our company do require a certain level of qualification, we believe there are plenty of opportunities within our growing teams where this is not the case, and we should do our best to facilitate this.

Our DE&I Team

Our DE&I team is formed of volunteers from all our agencies. They are responsible for overseeing and implementing all our initiatives, from training, educating and inspiring our teams to be DE&I allies, to forging relationships and creating connections in the local area to help young people at the start of their careers in our disciplines.

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